Do you dream of panoramic ocean views that sparkle with the ocean as it is kissed by the setting sun? Maybe you visualize the way the sun rises from the ocean as the day begins.

Sure, there are places that you can find domestic locations that offer beautiful views like Longview Lake in Missouri or Charleston Harbor in South Carolina, but then there are other views that can only be found in the most stunning places around the world.

Here are some viewing spots that you should make a point to see at some point in your lifetime.

Victoria, Australia – The Great Ocean Walk

Known as the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find a trail that provides a spectacular hiking trail with views that will make your jaw drop. The total route is approximately 62 miles long and takes about eight days to complete from start to finish.

No, you don’t have to walk the entire trail to see the sights, but you can if you want to. Alternatively, you can go to specific sections of the trail and still enjoy the experience.

There are also campsites along the way that offer weary hikers the chance to rest and recharge before continuing on the next day.

Ireland – The Cliffs of Moher

Considered to be the most popular attraction in all of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher stretch for about 5 miles along the Irish coast.

The cliffs rise a full 702 feet above the water for an incredible view of the ocean. Get the full effect from O’Brien’s Tower as it sits on the highest point along the cliffside.

Not only are there breathtaking views, but you’ll also find hiking trails that you should try not to miss.

Asturias, Spain – Cabo Vidio

Cabo Vidio is comprised of more cliffs that rise up out of the water in the northern part of Spain. Crashing waves and dramatic natural rock formations create views that are reminiscent of a Bob Ross painting.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Cabo Vidio if you should ever have the chance. The trails go through the cliffs and mountains, providing hikers with amazing perspectives.

Otago, New Zealand – Nugget Point

It’s in New Zealand, which offers significant points on its own given the picturesque nature of the country. Nugget Point is especially worth mentioning, though, because it has vastly dramatic views that can be seen from the lighthouse.

If you want to see uninterrupted panoramic views, Otago’s lighthouse is the place to go. Another perk of the area is the colony of seals that live along the shoreline of Nugget Point. You’ll also find penguins, dolphins, and a variety of other animals, too.

O’ahu, Hawaii – Hanauma Bay

When you think of the island of Hawaii, this is probably what you picture – Hanauma Bay. It is a gorgeous, natural bay on O’ahu.

It is protected by the state and offers amazing views to the ocean with the crystal-clear waters of the bay to frame it.

Divers and bathers are allowed to the area but must follow the laws as put forth by the state since they work hard to maintain the rich marine life in the area.

Big Sur, California – Bixby Bridge

Yes, it is a bridge, but well worth the stop to take a moment and appreciate the awesome views it offers to its visitors.

The bridge was built in 1932 and connected Big Sur and the coastline. You can drive along the bridge or walk along to see the views of the ocean.

Bixby Bridge offers a scenic drive and is a frequent stop for photographers.

Cape Town, South Africa – Lion’s Head

Find amazing views in Cape Town from the Lion’s Head. There are fantastic natural wonders like Table Mountain where visitors can go down hiking trails, a cable car, and more.

When you get to the Lion’s Head, you’re going to be up over two-thousand feet, which allows you to see the city and the ocean beyond.

Should you decide to go on the hike, you’ll find historical ruins along the way that are worth taking note of, too, that gives you a glimpse into the history of the area.

Why People Want to Visit These Top Water Viewing Spots

Go camping at places like Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee for beautiful lake views or visit the Willamette River in Oregon for scenic fishing, but if you want to feel the ocean breeze on your face, then you’ll have to explore more along the coastline.

Most will agree that the water is as calming as it is beautiful. Thanks to the steady sea breeze, the glittering waters, and the crashing waves, viewing spots are a haven for many.

Find your own romantic story, and create your own rustic memories by making it a point to add these destinations to your bucket list.