Charleston, South Carolina is home to many sports boat fishing manufacturers, but arguably the best of these brands is Scout Boats. For over 25 years the company has been crafting quality boats and leading the industry in innovation. If you are interested in taking your fishing, cruising or entertaining to the next level a Scout boat is an excellent choice to give you the edge you desire. In this article, we will discuss what Scout boats are and why they are such a great choice for recreation and relaxation on the water.

What Is a Scout Boat?

A Scout boat is a beautifully built and functionally designed luxury sports boat. Scout boats have four main styles, Bay Boats, Dual Consoles, Center Consoles, and Luxury Center Consoles, with a variety of models between them. They range in size from 17 to 53 feet so whether it’s you and your fishing buddy or the entire family, you can find one that is ideal for your needs. These are high-performance boats designed for the day cruiser and serious sportsman alike. Scout Boats is committed to detail and innovation with a quarter of a century of experience.

Why Choose Scout Boats?

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Taking the time and hiring the right talent to achieve ultimate craftsmanship is what Scout Boats is all about. It’s a family effort, and they involve everyone in delivering a superior product. Their fiberglass is 100% hand laid by the most qualified tradesman in the industry. They produce the most innovative, stylish, highest performing and most fuel-efficient models in their class and have the patents and accolades to prove it. They go above and beyond when crafting these boats, adding elements such as completely finished bilges, the underside of all doors, lids, and hatches because they hold their product to the highest standards.

Scout Boats not only holds its boats to this standard, but they also holds its service levels to this high standard. This is an economically sound debt-free company owning everything from its buildings and the land it is situated on to the trucks that deliver the boats across the country. Over the last 25 years, the manufacturer has gained the respect of other manufacturers and the industry as a whole. This has led to the continual upward growth in market share.


Scout Boats’ integrity is a major component of its success and quality and just as important are its cutting-edge innovations. To stand out above the other boats on the water in terms quality and design is the goal and to do this, the company has researched and designed some incredibly amazing boats. Many of these designs were industry-firsts, including:

The Reverse Shoebox Hull/Deck Design

Scout Boats developed and pioneered the first reverse-shoebox hull/deck design. This design increases the overall hull strength while preventing water from leaking through the hull/deck joint in rough conditions. They also removed all wood in the manufacturing process to produced rot-free composite stringers and transoms.

Fuel Efficiency

Scout Boats is a company that has been built on high-quality boats that are versatile and can handle various bodies of water. One aspect of that versatility and dependability is the superior fuel economy. The Scout boat is the most fuel efficient on the water because of the gas-saving hulls and state-of-the-art outboard engines.

The ultra-efficient hull designs create the most technologically advanced boats with the best strength-to-weight ratio of any boat in its class.  Other added benefits of the Scout boat’s design are stability, dryer rides and less required horsepower to achieve and maintain your desired speed. They have painstakingly designed and carefully crafted hulls that glide smoothly on the water, reducing drag and ensuring better overall fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency means less time and money spent refueling and longer trips out to your favorite remote fishing spot.

Strata-Mount Engine System

Another innovation created at Scout Boats is the “Scout Strata-Mount” advanced engine mounting. Made of a factory-molded bracket, the design allows for the two main longitudinal grid stringers to pass through the transom, directly integrated into the engine mount. This spreads out the natural engine stresses over the entirety of the hull. That design change greatly increases the Scout boat’s strength, durability, and performance.

T-Top/Glass Enclosure

Awarded a U.S. Design Patent, the Scout Boat T-top/glass enclosure is a revolutionary first of its kind innovation. This new enclosure has cleaner lines for a more modern look and is made using tempered glass. This results in a stylish, modern, simple design that increases visibility creating a safer ride.

Integrated Electronics

With features like touchscreens and hand-held key fobs, Scout Boats has set out on a mission to modernize the boating experience. You can start the boat with the push of a button and use a single finger to control all your systems. Scout Boats is an industry leader in bringing the boat world into the digital age.

Electronically Actuated Articulating Rocket Launcher

Another Scout Boats first, this patent-pending feature allows the boater to electronically raise or lower the hardtop mounted rocket launchers with the push of a single button. They also move with the awning and make raising or lowering the shade a breeze.

Station / Mezzanine Seat

Another patent pending feature, this first of its kind innovation is an entertainment and bait prep station complete with hidden sink, cutting board, grill, tackle drawer and storage that reveals itself from the mezzanine seat with the push of a button. This feature saves space while increasing the utility of your boat.

Bow Camera

Scout Boats LFX models include a bow camera illuminating a blind spot and allowing the driver to know exactly what’s going on right in front of the bow. This is a very handy feature when engaging/disengaging the anchor, docking in tricky slips, or taking part in water sports involving people in the water. All the action can be viewed from a touchscreen at the helm adding an exciting new safety benefit to your maritime adventures.

Heated Seats

Creature comforts first introduced in the auto industry have been adopted by Scout Boats for chilly morning excursions. Heated seats provide warmth on a chilly ride and even back relief after a long day fishing on your feet. Each seat has its own control so that every member of your party can set the temperature to best meet their needs.

Hardtop-Mounted Solar Panels

Scout Boats has integrated many new electronic gadgets into its boats. To keep up with all that used wattage the company has now integrated solar panels into the hard top to keep your batteries always at the ready.

Text Notifications on Helm Screens

Have you ever been on the water and somehow managed to splash or heaven forbid drop your phone overboard? Well, now there is no need to pull it out of your pocket while underway. Scout Boats’ models have a text feature that allows your messages to display on the helm. Now you can know what’s happening onshore without ever checking your phone. Also, the feature is both Apple and Android compatible.


Peace of mind is another area in which Scout Boats is once again leading the industry. The company provides customers with peace-of-mind thanks to a comprehensive manufacturer backed 3-year limited stem-to-stern warranty. This guarantee is in addition to a 10-year limited structural transferable hull warranty that also comes as standard. Scout Boats stands behind its craftsmanship and is willing to guarantee the work longer than any other brands in the industry. Claims are not handled by an outside agency and that means faster claim turnaround times, guaranteed superior service, and a higher resale value.

Scout Boats: All You Need to Know

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When considering purchasing a boat, there are many options available to you. But if you are serious about taking your aquatic exploits to the next level Scout Boats is the brand you should consider first. Here is the short list of all you need to know when comparing the other brands to a Scout Boat:

  • Superior quality builds and designs by industry leading craftsmen and engineers
  • Various boat models ranging from 17 to 53 feet and designed to meet every sailor’s needs
  • Innovative and industry leading design
  • 25 years of experience while leading in customer satisfaction
  • Utility and luxury in one modernly sleek vessel
  • Industry leading fuel efficiency
  • Advanced engine mounting system
  • Reverse Shoebox Hull/Deck design with no wood or chance for rot
  • Integrated electronics including touch screens, articulated rocket launcher, heated seats, helm text notifications, solar panels, and even a bow camera
  • A boat built to last with a warranty to back to up


Whether you are a first-time buyer or a veteran of the sea, Scout Boats is the choice to add quality and innovation to your adventures. These boats are painstakingly crafted and thoughtfully designed. They offer state of the are digital upgrades that set them apart from their analog-based competitors. Scout Boast has constructed fuel efficient and hardy vessels backed by an industry leading warranty. If this sounds like your next boat, take a look at some of the options available.