Every fisherman knows the importance of a reliable pair of waders. Being comfortable and confident can make the difference between a successful trip and a total failure. But, of course, you know this already. And this may be the reason you’re currently scanning the web for a Redington Crosswater Waders review.

Waders are an essential accessory. They will not only let you reach difficult areas, but they will keep you safe, comfortable, and dry as you wait for your big catch. With your best pair of waders, you can navigate any river, lake, stream, or creek with ease.

But choosing the best waders can be an overwhelming task. You need a comprehensive Redington Crosswater Waders review as well as information about its main competitors. So, let’s get started.

What Are Redington Crosswater Waders?

Whether you’re preparing for your first fishing trip or you’re already a seasoned fisherman, the Redington Crosswater Waders will be your new best friend.

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The primary purpose of waders is to keep a fisherman comfortable and dry during the duration of their fishing experience. This vital piece of clothing is something you should bring on every fishing trip since it serves as the barrier between your body and the water.

The Redington Crosswater Waders are entry-level waders that you can use in various conditions and water temperatures. Because this product is breathable, you can be more active in the water. The magic of its breathability lies in the microscopic holes that are too small for water molecules to penetrate. However, steam molecules can pass through it seamlessly. This way, you won’t sweat profusely even in hot climates.

Choosing the Perfect Waders

When it comes to fishing gear, there are many products to choose from. The wide selection can make it extremely challenging to find the perfect waders to suit your needs.

There are several things you should consider before you make your next purchase. This Redington Crosswater Waders review considers all the important characteristics you want in a pair of waders.

Regularity of use

When buying a pair of waders, ask yourself how often you plan on using them. If you’re only going on a fishing trip a couple of times a year, you may want to skip buying expensive models. However, if you plan on often taking regular breaks from your work to fish, getting a good pair is essential.

Another thing you should keep in mind when getting waders is where you plan on using them. Think about whether or not you will use your waders in high mountain lakes, mossy spring creeks, or open rivers. Don’t forget to consider the water temperature and depth. Knowing these things will influence the best material and design you should get.

Chest waders like the Redington Crosswater model are very versatile. You can use them in deep or shallow water. These waders are also an excellent choice for both summer and winter.

Good value

When it comes to the price of waders, you truly get what you pay for. However, you don’t have to get the most expensive waders you can afford. You just need to find a product that offers the perfect fusion of cost-effectiveness and reliability.


This Redington Crosswater Waders review stresses that sizing should be your topmost priority. If you fail to get the correct size, you sacrifice comfort and longevity.

Waders that are too big on your body will make way for more wear and tear since there are many folds in the material. On the other hand, waders that are too tight for you will wear out quicker because of stress at the seams.

Always use the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer, especially if you are buying a product online. Your exact measurements for your previous waders may differ from the Redington models. So prepare to get your measuring tape out when purchasing a pair of these waders. Measure your inseam, chest, hips, and waist, in inches or centimeters. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your retailer.

Taking Care of Your Waders

Although waders are pretty sturdy, this fact does not mean you can get away with not taking care of them properly. For proper care of your Redington Crosswater Waders, review the important tips below.

Dry properly

If you want your waders to last for a long time, make sure to dry them inside and out every time you take them off. If you stuff your damp waders in your garage or trunk, your waders will develop a mildew problem. This problem is the primary culprit of breaking down the material of your fishing attire.

It is very easy to dry your waders. Just wash them with fresh water and then hang them in a cool and dry place. You can also place your waders near a de-humidifier to dry. This step will also prevent unwanted odors.

Washing them

The best way to clean this piece of fishing gear is to hand wash them using mild soap and lukewarm water. Machine-washing your waders might cause catching and bunching up. When the dirt doesn’t come off with hand washing, you can use a soft rag.

Packing waders

Packing your waders isn’t as simple as dumping them in your bag. You have to roll them loosely starting from the feet and moving up. Place them on top of your belongings and avoid packing heavier items on top of them. If you have a wader with a zipper, unzip them before putting them in your bag. Failing to do this might cause the zipper to crease and fail.

Our Redington Crosswater Waders Review

Now that you know how to choose the perfect waders for you, this Redington Crosswater Waders review will finally discuss the star of the show.

Redington Crosswater Waders

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If you love fishing during the summer, spring, and autumn, the Redington Crosswater Waders would be perfect for you. Their breathable material will perform better than any waders made with neoprene material, especially in hotter weather. The three polyester layers are very lightweight and can be folded tightly so you can pack them in any bag without taking up much space.

Their polyester layers also serve as DWR coating. These waders feature durable seams that are taped, glued, and stitched. This feature is quite hard to come by for affordable waders.

When it comes to the fit, this Redington Crosswater Waders review finds that these waders are everything a fisherman can ask for. One of the best features of these waders is that they don’t limit flexibility. However, you may want to get a size up if you have a bigger waist since these waders don’t leave much room for this area.

Its shoulder straps fit perfectly, and the buckles are also extremely comfortable.

A dependable product like the Redington Crosswater Waders will protect you as you bushwhack through a stream or navigate small entryways of creeks. These waders are significantly better compared to other entry-level waders on the market because they won’t leak.

To make storing accessories and other items easier, you can use their flip-out pocket. The wading belt with belt loops and gravel guards are also helpful features. This product also has oversized booties you can fill with socks.

Despite their remarkable durability, you still have to be mindful to avoid sharp objects such as jagged branches, hooks, and thorns, especially in the lower leg areas.

Here are some of their most notable features:

  • Integrated gravel guards and hook
  • Flip out pocket
  • Belt loop with wading belt
  • High-density neoprene booties
  • Opposing buckles


  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


  • Cheap buckles
  • Tight waist area
  • Limited pocket space
  • No hand-warming feature

Our Redington Crosswater Waders Review

Although this Redington Crosswater Waders review found that these waders give you fantastic performance and value, other brands are worth consideration for your next purchase. So here is how the competition stacks up.

How We Reviewed

This Redington Crosswater Waders review rounded up the top waders for performance and durability while also considering its price points. We chose this list of waders after scouring reviews from fishermen and hunters, then putting the best products side by side for your convenience.

Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Waders

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These ultralight waders give you amazing fit and movement thanks to their seam and stitched construction. They also have notable packability. Because of how light they are, you can navigate easily in the water.

Just like the Redington Crosswater Waders, the Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Waders also offer breathability. They have a four-layer waterproof breathable nylon shell that provides both flexibility and durability. They also boast an internal zippered pocket, as well as attachment areas for nippers, forceps, and other accessories.

The major selling point of these waders is their versatility. For hot days, you can easily slide the top portion down and turn them into waist-high waders.

Here are some of their most notable features:

  • Four-layer waterproof breathable nylon shell
  • One zippered chest pocket plus an internal pocket
  • Gravel guard
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Belt


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Not as durable as heavier models
  • Inaccurate sizing

Caddis Men’s Taupe Stocking Foot Waders

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These sleek two-tone waders are an excellent choice for people whose priority is to get a snug yet comfortable fit. They have a wide array of sizes to cater to just about any customer.

These waders can be used for a broad spectrum of weather conditions and temperatures. Its Caddis Dry fabric helps keep you dry from even perspiration. They also have reinforced knees, perfect for fishermen who find themselves constantly kneeling on hard surfaces like gravel, stone, or sand. The Caddis Men’s Taupe Stocking Foot Waders also have a chest-pocket and gravel guards.

Here are some of their most notable features:

  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Handwarmer pocket
  • Attached gravel guards
  • Breathable material
  • Double taped, glued and stitched on feet


  • Wide array of sizes
  • Great fit
  • Stylish


  • Wears out fast
  • Limited pocket space

Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Waders

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Another pair of breathable waders ideal for any fisherman, the Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Waders stand out because of their comfortable fit. This outdoor gear offers incredible durability with its four-ply nylon construction.

This product also boasts reinforced lower leg and knees sections featuring six layers of material. This way, you won’t have to worry about leaks and punctures from kneeling or passing through sharp branches. The Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable Chest Waders also come with a zippered pocket large enough to store accessories, as well as a fleece-lined hand-warming pocket.

Here are some of their most notable features:

  • Two-in-one chest pocket design
  • Flip-out chest storage pocket
  • Four-ply nylon construction
  • Reinforced knee and shin construction
  • 4mm foot fit neoprene booties
  • Adjustable elastic suspenders


  • Great fit
  • Durable construction
  • No leaks


  • Limited sizes
  • Subpar elastic suspenders

Caddis Women’s Teal Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot Chest Waders

Caddis Women's Attractive Teal Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot Chest...
  • Free Wader Belt and Repair Kit
  • Quad pocket with storage and hand warmer
  • Seams are taped, glued and stitched, foot seams are taped inside and out

This product is an amazing option for ladies who enjoy fishing as much as any man. With its playful teal color, you’ll definitely stand out. The Caddis Women’s Teal Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot Chest Waders are also tailored to meet the unique demands of any woman’s body type.

Thanks to its Caddis Dry Technology construction, you can keep dry and stay comfortable in any weather and environment. Whether you are going fishing in the summertime or going ice fishing, these waders will ensure that your skin breathes through the fabric. This product also comes with double glued and taped feet to ensure that no water can get through your boots.

Here are some of their most notable features:

  • Adjustable deluxe suspenders
  • Quad pocket with gravel guards
  • Breathable material
  • Double taped, glued and stitched feet


  • Comes in many sizes
  • Tailored to fit a woman’s body
  • Versatile
  • Great color


  • Knees lack reinforced strength
  • Slippery booties

Are the Redington Crosswater Waders Worth a Purchase?

Buying anything can sometimes get overwhelming. And this pressure intensifies further when you’re getting something as important as a pair of waders.

This critical piece of equipment for an activity as enjoyable as fishing should not give you problems. Thankfully, this Redington Crosswater Waders review reveals that this product is the perfect choice for people with a limited budget but who don’t want to compromise quality. Your future self will surely thank you for choosing a high-quality product that will make fishing easier and more fun.

Do you have your own Redington Crosswater Waders review to share? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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