For many people owning a boat or other watercraft is a luxury, but for some, it is a necessity that they cannot do without. Some people like to rent watercraft as well or just ride on them for pleasure with a friend who owns one. In any case, all watercraft need to a place to land when it reaches the shoreline. When it does, the most common place to store a watercraft is alongside a dock.

Docks “moor” boats with ropes or other materials so that they do not float freely back into the open water and stay safely secured.  They also serve as walkways for people along waterways in certain situations. Watercraft boat both large and small utilize different docks, but the principle behind them is the same.  They a place to store your boat while it is in the water.


Traditional Boat Docks Versus Modern Boat Docks

Boats are not all the same, and they have changed a lot since ancient times. There is evidence of docks in the distant past all the way up to the present, and they have always been used to safely store boats on the world’s waterways.

Traditional boat docks are usually made out of wood and are secured along wood or concrete pillars that jet up from the water. These boat docks have long then slowly replaced by modern boat docks that are made of materials such as plastic or composite materials.

There are many newer boat docks that are lightweight and completely waterproof unlike wood and do not rot or decay over time. These modern boat docks are often cost-effective solutions for modern harbors and even private boat owners.

EZ Boat Docks and What They Offer

The creators of EZ docks wanted cost effective solutions without the problems associated with normal, regular docks. Frequent repairs due to storms, heavy duty maintenance concerns, and a carbon footprint issue propelled EZ dock founders to create their floating dock solutions.

EZ Dock Boatport

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EZ docks are known to withstand all weather conditions, even the harshest and extreme varieties and do not decay or rot over time. The surface of these docks do not peel, warp, or chip and there is no need to paint them. They are eco-friendly and durable docks that are suitable for lakes and other waterways where floating docks are viable.

The floating boat docks available through EZ docks are custom made for private or commercial use in a variety of situations. Whether you are running a kayak and canoe touring company, a paddle boat service, or even just a lakefront swimming hole, EZ docks floating boat docks have something for any purpose that you may need.

EZ boat docks serve industrial residential, commercial, and governmental clients, and they have been in business since 1991, faithfully serving customers and providing real solutions for their dock needs.


How to Select the Right Boat Dock for You

Choosing EZ Boat Docks

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No matter where you live, EZ docks has a great floating dock solution at your disposal. If the waterfront you are located on as a pre-existing dock, the EZ dock can be modified to fit over the dock that is already there so it does not have to be removed.

If you don’t want to salvage your pre-existing dock, EZ dock will also remove your dock if necessary to make room for the new one.

Modern EZ docks work well in any location in all four seasons.  In the winter months, the EZ dock can be removed for easy storage to prevent ice damage. EZ docks also can be fitted to warm water weather, rising and lowering to the currents and tides so that there is no damage to your dock from these climate conditions.

There are different docks for different purposes such as swimming or boating.  depending on which use you have in mind primarily. You will need a special specific configuration to match your needs. Easy docks are customizable for whatever need you have.


What to Do When You Want a Modern Dock

The easiest thing to do when you are looking for a new dock for your property or waterfront is to assess your situation yourself, or have professionals take a look at the area to see what you need.  In many cases, self-appraisal will do the trick, but sometimes it takes an expert to tell you what you really require.

When looking for a new dock, getting a professional job company such as EZ dock to install a new dock for you is a simple process. You will need to gather together your resources and schedule the work to be completed and take care of any other concerns in relation to the new dock. Then get prepared to have fun with your new dock and enjoy everything that marine life has to offer.

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