If you could merge the most powerful boat with the most glamorous one, the result would probably be the new Manitou XPlode 25.

You only need a simple glimpse of this water beast to see why it’s considered the future of marine travel. Its futuristic design makes it stand out from other earlier Manitou versions.

But why is the Manitou Xplode 25 so mighty?


Manitou XPlode 25 Specifications

With the Manitou XPlode 15, you are guaranteed to have the strongest and most durable pontoon boat of its class.  It is designed and manufactured in the United States and measures 26’ 4”.

The Manitou XPlode 25 is known for its explosive power and performance, and this can be attributed to its powerful twin engines.

The E-Tec G2 twin engines allow the boat to reach a speed of 30-60 miles per hour in only two seconds. This is an impressive feat for a boat weighing 4,160 pounds in dry weight and up to 5,402 pounds in loaded weight, right?

When the weight of the passengers is concentrated on one side of a normal boat, the boat is bound to capsize. But this does not apply to the new Manitou XPlode 25, as it offers increased stability regardless of the distribution of the passenger’s weight across the boat.

The performance of the Manitou XPlode is not restricted to deep waters only, the boat is capable of navigating in shallow creeks and lagoons, and even sliding over sandy beaches. This is made possible by the boat’s ability to float over a depth of only 14 inches.

The bottom of the pontoons is shielded by an aluminum keel that protects the boat from sand and gravel abrasion while on the shoreline.


Manitou XPlode 25’s Incredible Exterior

The Manitou XPlode’s exterior is a fiberglass work of art. There are up to 12 color combinations of the fiberglass wall that you can choose from. You can also get a customized paint job that will suit your preference at some extra costs.

Another feature that stands out on the XPlode 25 is the pilot and co-pilot twin multi-tone bucket seats – both of which come with reclining or sliding options.

And let’s not forget about the seats on the boat’s chaise lounge. These seats have a heavy-gauge stainless steel skeleton, a feature that is incorporated into the boat’s entire hardware.

When cruising at top speed, the strong winds can be dangerous to the passengers on board. The Xplode 25 has a broad Plexiglas low smoked windshield to solve this problem.

The docking, anchor, and navigation LED lighting system on the Manitou XPlode are just incredible.

For all you music lovers, this pontoon has a top-of-the-line sound system made up of a Deluxe Kicker Bluetooth Stereo and six speakers.

And did we mention the 7-inch SmartScreen at the dash? You can conveniently control all the electric functions of the Xplode 25 on this lovely high-tech gadget control.


The V-Toon Technology: A New Manitou Pontoon Boat Design

The Manitou XPlode is a tri-pontoon. This means that it’s made up of three pontoons placed strategically for maximum stability, even at high speeds.

The three pontoons are attached by strong aluminum cross members which are 7 inches apart to provide increased sturdiness on the boat. This is a great contrast to the 16 inches gap seen in other bi-pontoons.

The center pontoon is notably larger, with a diameter of 27 inches, to provide the hull with its distinctive V-shape – this is necessary for maintaining balance when making a turn.

This design is affectionately referred to as the V-Toon Technology (probably because the center pontoon gives the boat an exaggerated V-shape). With the V-Shaped hull, the Manitou XPlode is able to navigate the waters smoothly and safely.

Additionally, the pontoons also have strakes which help in gripping the water while in motion, and enable the Manitou XPlode to safely take sharp turns. The navigation of this fast and relatively heavy boat is made effortless by the SeaStar power steering.

The spray deflectors on the nose cones not only provide a smooth ride, but also help in preventing water from reaching the cockpit. These nose cones are protected by a heavy aluminum coating which prevents abrasion and rust.


The Manitou XPlode 25’s Price Tag


A beast of a boat like the Manitou Xplode 25 should have a heavy price tag, right?

Even a few hundred thousand dollars shouldn’t seem far-fetched for this piece of art.

But surprisingly, the price of the Manitou XPlode 25 is around $172,500. Though it’s usually difficult to find a Manitou pontoon on sale, you can buy it straight from the manufacturer, Manitou Pontoon Boats.

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