The quality and craftsmanship of Lund boats take the worry out of the experience. Would you like to feel yourself skimming across the top of the water toward an ideal fishing spot? Try an all-species Pro V GL 219 Lund boat. Can you imagine yourself exhilarated, as you jump the wake on water skis? Check into a luxury Crossover XS Lund boat.

Lund boats are synonymous with all types of fishing, but they have morphed into water sports as well. With few exceptions, a Lund boat is either for fishing or a combination of fishing and hunting — with added features for family water sports.

Would you like to thrill to the catch of a fish, while standing securely on the aft deck of your Rebel XS Lund boat? Can you envision trolling, as you sit comfortably on your Tyee GL Walkthrough Lund boat? Would it be nice to head out to dinner at a waterfront restaurant with friends, on your Lund LX 240 Pontoon boat? You’ve got it covered every time — If your choices are for Lund boats.

History of Lund Boats

Lund boats enjoy a sixty-year history of safe, rugged, reliable craftsmanship. Multi-generational, boating stories cover the gamut from fishing, to water sports, to pleasure boating. Howard G. Lund built himself an aluminum, duck boat in 1948. That boat, the first of which was to become Lund boats, turned out to be the perfect fishing boat. A salesman saw Lund driving around New York Mills, Minnesota with the boat on top of his car. That same salesman shortly placed an order for 50 Lund boats.

Later, Lund boats became known as “the world’s finest fishing boats.” Today, Lund Boats is Lund Metal Craft, Inc., a subsidiary of Brunswick Corporation. The company has expanded to boast an excellent, well-rounded product line. Not surprising, millions of anglers are loyal to this remarkable line of boats. Notably, competitive fishing tournaments, frequently well populated with owners of Lund boats, appreciate Lund’s renowned for collaborating in many of these tournaments.


Considerations When Buying Lund Boats

Congratulations, you have launched your Lund boat-buying expedition. This decision puts you nautical miles ahead! Now, you’re underway and ready to make all of the decisions regarding the type of boat you want to buy and the necessities you will need. Preliminary research is often overwhelming. Therefore, the next step is relative to how you anticipate enjoying your boating excursions.

Will your new Lund boat be used primarily for fishing, or maybe for hunting too? Will you be pleasure boating? In the wake of answering these questions — have you thought of using your new boat for both? Knowing you will be using the boat for one or several types of fishing makes a world of difference in the kind of boat you choose. The same is true if you are planning to add family outings that include water sports.

In the wake of these two decisions, you can settle on a specific model about size and adaptability. After all, you are ready to step into an adventure that will give rise to making memories for years to come. Take the time to make sure you have thought of all the angles.

Multi-use Lund boat 1875 Crossover XS Walkthrough for family and fishing

cross over lund boat

When a “whole family” experience is what you’re looking for, the 1875 Crossover XS Walkthrough is your boat. The maximum HP capacity of 175 and a 32-gallon tank, will take you just about anywhere you want to go. This boat has Lund’s IPS hull, designed to get you up quick and smooth on the surface of the water. It also stabilizes the boat while you are fishing from one side or the other — so you’re not in danger of tipping. Basically, with this special IPS hull, you have far better boat control in all circumstances.  The Crossover transforms in a flash. The bow is easily converted into a casting deck or covered with bow cushions for family comfort while cruising.

Large port and starboard storage areas lie under the bow cushions, and there is a piece between them that can be inserted to enlarge the deck of the bow. In-floor storage is designed to hold extra rods or ski equipment. Port side storage holds rods ready for use. Starboard side storage will hold life jackets and other things secure while you are underway.Aft, the seats fold down to create a large, casting deck or a level place on which to land when coming up out of the water after skiing. The ski pylon is exceptionally tall to fasten the tow line for wakeboarding. Also, it is simply removed and stowed when water sports are finished for the day. Flexibility is the key to everyone having a great time out on the water.

Consider a Lund LX 240 Pontoon boat

pontoon boat

Supposing that your family is more into water sports than fishing, but you still want the option to do both. Consider Lund’s LX 240 Pontoon boat, which has a maximum HP capacity of 200 and a 37–gallon tank. This beautiful family boat supports waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. The deck benches and individual seating will accommodate up to fifteen people when you add a third tube.

Furthermore, staging the boat for family activities or fishing takes only minutes. What was a social setting just became a fishing layout. The built-in fish station, rod locker, and storage drawer for tackle are within easy reach. All of your gear is now readily accessible. Sometimes, as a family, you find everyone going in different directions. With this boat, it is possible to anchor, have lunch, swim, socialize, and then get ready to go wakeboarding or go fishing. It’s all there for the choosing.

MULTI-Species Pro-V GL 219 Lund Boats for Fishing

fishing lund boat

Everyone dreams of having the best! The Pro-V GL 219 Lund boat is like a floating fiberglass dream come true for the angler who owns one.  A 15-rod locker, conveniently located in the center of the boat, holds rods up to nine feet long. Extra storage pods are available if you anticipate a longer trip or just need more storage.However, there is also bow storage portside. 

The live baitwell will keep your bait alive, even on longer trips. The Prolong Plus aft and bow livewells hold plenty of fish. The open cockpit has a generous command console. It has room for all of the gauges and extra graphs you may need for regular or tournament fishing. Lund crafted the Pro-V GL 219 with everything you need within arms reach. You’ll never find yourself wishing they had added a feature because they have added them all. Besides, it is perfect for fishing in various bodies of water, smooth and rough conditions, and in tournaments.

Fishing with Friends is Better Than Fishing Alone

boat with friends

The Lund 219 Pro-V GL gives you room to spare even with four anglers aboard casting or trolling. Also, with a sport-track bracket fixed to the side, you can have up to five rod-configurations set up at one time. The maximum HP capacity of 200 and a 65-gallon tank make it possible to venture into new waters without worry. You can confidently go searching out that perfect honey hole.

Also, this boat can handle a 15 HP Kicker, when the norm is 9.9 HP. It’s the perfect boat for your style of fishing, whether it is jigging, slip bobbering, trolling, or some other choice. Furthermore, there is an optional ski pylon in case you decide to have extra fun after a day of fishing. Regardless if you are fishing alone or have several friends along, this boat is equipped for action.

Hunting and Fishing from Flat-Bottom Lund Jon Boats

lund boat

Notably, the Mod V hull supports the Lund 2070 Predator. This hull design excels in narrow or open water and shallow- or deep-water running. It is especially safe when depth is not readily detectable. Another name for this particular type of utility boat is — Jon boat. This special boat stays level and planes at a maximum HP capacity of 150  and a 20-gallon fuel tank.

The Predator will take you hunting or fishing. It boasts most of the storage and convenient accessories akin to the rest of the Lund boat line. The most noticeable difference lies in the camouflage colors, non-skid floor, and gunnel liner. The side or center consul comes with a windscreen and grab rail. The switch panel has a tachometer, fuel gages, and a master power switch. Also, accessories help make your ultimate fishing experience come true. Also, the storage areas accommodate guns and hunting gear as well as fishing gear.

Custom Made Lund Boats, Accessories, and Dealers

Almost every Lund boat can be customized, and accessories are available online at You can locate dealers by entering your zip code in a form you will find on the Lund website. They’ll send you a free catalog if you opt-in on their mailing list. Also, the site quickly welcomes you to jump aboard and begin exploring custom boat building options. Performance specs, available for download, provide detailed information on every boat.

The several boats we have featured here, are by no means the only way to navigate. In searching, you’ll begin to get your bearing on that one special boat — of all the Lund boats — that has your name on it. This will allow you to choose the perfect Lund boat for your every need.

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