You’re reading this Lowrance Hook 7 review because you are considering buying this product. You’re probably frustrated about going ashore without having caught a single fish while all others are in high spirits as they haul out their coolers full of fresh catch.

Will Lowrance Hook 7 finally give you that triumphant moment? After all, if you can see where the fish are, you will have a better chance of them taking the bait.

Lowrance Hook 7 Review: What Is It and Why Use It?

The Lowrance Hook 7 is a fish finder that uses both Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse Sonar and DownScan Imaging to give you a complete view of the environment underneath your boat.

You get clear images of what’s going on underwater because of the target separation and the noise reduction technology that it employs. You can easily see gamefish and baitfish targets.

Lowrance Hook 7 review of features

Being advertised as an all-in-one unit, this device has several notable features and functionality.

CHIRP sonar technology

CHIRP has a longer pulse than traditional sonar, which gives it a broader range. It also transmits a wide range of frequencies.

Traditional sonars transmit only one frequency. CHIRP helps you get clearer views of the underwater environment, as well as better target separation.

If you need clear images, then switch to the DownScan setting. This setting will give you a clear picture of what’s underneath your boat. It can scan up to 300 feet.

Hybrid Dual Imaging

As you can guess, the CHIRP sonar and the Downscan setting give you very different images of the same area. The feature will help you see these images together by overlaying one over the other and combining these raw images into a single view.

The Lowrance Hook 7 has a transducer that can work on four frequencies: 83, 200, 455, or 800 kilohertz.

DownScan Overlay works with the dual imaging and combines it in one view.


The TrackBack feature shows you the places that you have been to, so you don’t go around fishing in the same areas anymore.

Advanced Signal Processing

This feature allows you to find fish automatically by reducing the need for manual adjustments.

Navigation technologies

The Lowrance Hook 7 has an embedded GPS antenna that is very accurate. It also has a map of at least 3,000 rivers and lakes within the United States.

If you need more maps, this fish finder works with Lake Insight, Navionics Gold, HotMaps Premium, Fishing Hotspots Pro, and others.

If you use Insight Genesis, you can also create your map with the sonar readings you get.


The Lowrance Hook 7 uses a 7-inch color display that has a wide viewing angle and bright colors. What’s more, the device has easy to use pages and menus.

The menu system has quick access to all features. You can also navigate around the menu using only one hand.

There are multi-window displays where you can choose from eight preset page layouts so that you can view different maps on one screen simultaneously.


A one-year warranty covers the Lowrance Hook 7. You also get great support from the Lowrance Advantage Service program.

In short, the company guarantees that you will be satisfied with their product. If you encounter any problems, you can expect them to do something about it.

Lowrance Hook 7 Review Roundup

It’s obvious that the Lowrance Hook 7 has some of the best functionality among similar devices. Beyond having impressive features, how do experts and ordinary users find this device?

Once you’ve used the Lowrance Hook 7, you would find that it is easy to recommend to beginners and long-time fishers. This product may also be used for ice fishing other than in open waters.

The product has technologies that you can find in more expensive devices. That includes other products from the same company.

People will like how compact the Lowrance Hook 7 is. What’s more, even with its small size, you can still get a lot of functionalities and features from it.

It’s not perfect though. For one, a touch screen would make an excellent addition.

Not having a touch display translates to a horrible user experience because users will take precious time trying to find their location. Customer service can also be improved.

Pro reception

Several pro fishing sites and blogs have published their own Lowrance Hook 7 review after examining this fish finder.

Many like how the device has a lot of features that make it a real value for money. You pay only a fraction of what you would pay for other devices and still get the same technologies: CHIRP sonar, DownScan imaging, compatibility with other maps, and a color display, among many others.

They also mention the CHIRP Sonar and the Downscan technology that give users the best images of the underwater environments that they have.

However, they note that the Basemap charts don’t have too many details. And while the device is effortless to use, you may require some time before you can completely master its more advanced features. They also report that the device has significant lag times and that refresh times can be slow.

In their Lowrance Hook 7 review, others mention the 16-channel GPS that is included in the device. This feature is very helpful in pinpointing the places you have been, as well as laying down waypoints to bookmark the important spots.

However, some reviewers report that the device also struggles with its GPS readings when the boat moves at high speeds.

How We Chose Alternatives

To come up with a list of alternatives to the Lowrance Hook 7, we looked at the suggestions of pro fishing equipment reviewers for their recommendations.

We then checked our retail sites to see which gave customers the best fishing experience and performed well in the field.

Lowrance Hook 7 Review of Competitors

If you want to buy the Lowrance Hook 7, you should first see what the other products offer.

How does this product compare with the Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 DI, the Garmin Striker Plus 7Cv, and the Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder?

1. Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 DI

The Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 DI has a 4.3-inch display that shows you everything underneath your boat. This device uses down imaging sonar and has a depth capability of 320 to 600 feet.

You will like how affordable this product is. It also has a bigger display than similar products.

However, this fish finder does not have CHIRP technology. It also doesn’t have GPS capabilities. The absence of these two technologies severely limits the capabilities of this device.

The PiranhaMax 4 DI is perfect for smaller fishing boats or for those who are looking for a bargain.


  • Affordable
  • Big screen


  • No CHIRP
  • No GPS

2. Garmin Striker Plus 7Cv

One of the newer fish finders from Garmin, the Garmin Striker Plus 7Cv, has an internal GPS, CHIRP, and 7-inch screen.

This mid-range device has the rudimentary navigation features, a GPS plotter, and the Quickdraw Contours mapping software. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the Garmin ActiveCaptain app for more features.

You will appreciate the many features it offers. Not only does the fish finder give you both GPS and CHIRP technologies, but it also has smart capabilities and can work with a companion smartphone app.

What’s more, the device is IPX7 waterproof. What’s more, the company provides excellent service while the product is easy to install.

However, you cannot use this device as a chartplotter. It also doesn’t have an embedded topographic map.


  • This device uses CHIRP and ClearVu sonar
  • Transducer and GPS are included
  • Waterproof
  • Readable and huge screen
  • Saves up to 5,000 waypoints


  • No chart plotter features
  • No topographic map

3. Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder

The Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder has a 5-inch WVGA display that allows you to see things in full color and with rich details. The product uses CHIRP Dual Beam PLUS Sonar.

You can use this for chart plotting using the device’s Anima cartography. You can also use a microSD card for more maps and save your waypoints.

This fish finder gets praises for how sensitive it is and how excellently it works. You will find that the location readings are accurate. Plus, users like how easy it is to operate and the fact that it has an excellent display.

However, the device does not have a GPS. Some customers complained about customer service not being helpful at all.


  • Packed with features, including a MicroSD reader
  • CHIRP and GPS technology


  • Some product listings are confusing or the product sent was not the one that was ordered
  • Terrible customer service

Lowrance Hook 7 Review: Pros and Cons

For the most part, the Lowrance Hook 7 has everything you need from a fish finder. Plus, it does an excellent job delivering on what it promises to do.

It also holds its own when you compare it with similar devices. It just might be the best fish finder for kayak adventures, nearshore fishing, and even fishing in the open waters.

Among the products mentioned in this Lowrance Hook 7 review, only the Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 DI has better pricing. However, it does not have CHIRP sonar or GPS technology.

If you want these two technologies, you should be happy with the Lowrance Hook 7. However, you might want to spend a little more and get the Garmin Striker for a waterproof device that can connect to your smartphone.

Or you can go for the Humminbird HELIX 5, which has chart plotting and cartography features.


  • CHIRP sonar, GPS, DownScan Imaging: All the technologies you’d expect from more expensive products are here
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use


  • BaseMap charts are not as detailed as you want

Buy the Lowrance Hook 7 Today

Trust our Lowrance Hook 7 review: You simply can’t go wrong with this fish finder. It has the right mix of features and extras at a price that’s easy on the budget.

What’s more, it’s easy to extend its capabilities. For instance, you can sync this device with your smartphone with the Genesis Linear app.

Therefore, if there’s a functionality that you need, you can easily get it by pairing this fish finder with other devices or apps. That’s certainly not bad for something inexpensive.

You can also get more maps as this device is compatible with most major cartography applications. As such, it’s not difficult to recommend this product to everybody who loves to fish.

Have you decided on the Lowrance Hook 7? What do you think about this product? Tell us in the comments below.