Have you ever wanted to know more about walkaround boats?

If you love being outdoors, on the water, doing some fishing then you just might love walkaround boats. They are perfect for people who enjoy fishing and water-themed recreational activities. These boats are known for being somewhat of a hybrid between center console boats and cuddy boats. The center console design fits in squarely with fishing boat requirements, making them great choices for those seeking sturdy fishing boats. These boats also come with a comfortable enclosed cabin.

Walkaround Boats Characteristic Features

The walkaround design permits greater accessibility of the whole deck and the cockpit, which is in close proximity of the forward deck. The boat’s main seating area or the cockpit is spacious enough to easily accommodate a family-size crew. In addition, the helm has a hard top cover for weather protection and below deck, the cabin is equipped with a V-berth bed, toilet, sink, and a small kitchen.

There are a variety of boats that you can enjoy for near-shore fishing and other recreational activities. The most popular types of boats are cuddy cabin boats, striper boats, and seaswirl boats. Let’s take a closer look at these three boat types.

Cuddy Cabin Boats

A cuddy cabin boat is a family-friendly type of boat with a cabin on the bow. These boats usually feature a closed deck which is the perfect place for you and your family to seek refuge from the sun, and enjoy a snack or a nap before returning to fun water activities.

Cuddy Cabin Boats Key Specs and Features

Cuddy cabin boats are different from walkarounds because the cabin is not surrounded by a recessed walkway. The recess absence provides for increased space below deck and the models do have enough room to comfortably walk up to the bow on the side deck. The boats are powered by either outboard propulsion or sterndrive.

Striper Boats

The Striper 270, manufactured by Striper Boats, comes in both the center console and walkaround fishing boat versions. Both models are great in their own ways. The 270 walkaround has a remarkable hard top and the enclosure is a lot larger than other walkaround models.

Striper Boats Key Specs and Features

The cabin is more spacious and has enough room for standing straight up. Other amenities include a V-berth, a small kitchen comprising of a sink and a one-burner alcohol stove.

In contrast, the center console has a lot more fishing room since; instead of a cabin it has a bow cockpit. Other features include bow seating with folding backrests.

Both models come with the same transom design and each has a pair of 12 gallon live wells on either side. The center has a flip-down bench and you can fold down the whole transom to get it out of the way.

The Striper 270 engine is a pair of 200 hp Evinrude ETEC G2 outboards with outstanding performance. In the open waters, the speed range is 52 mph and a 4000 RPM cruise has one of 35 mph.

Seaswirl Boats

Seaswirl is a part of Genmar, one of the world’s largest boat manufacturers, producing family-friendly saltwater sport or fishing boats. If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable boat manufacturing company look no further than Genmar, and look no further than a seaswirl if you’re after an all-weather friendly recreational boat.

What Makes Seaswirl Boats Stand Out?

Seaswirl boats are top quality watercrafts with low maintenance construction materials. The boats feature excellent performance, durability, and strength comprising of fibercore stringer systems and composite transoms. Seaswirl boats are powered by Volvo Penta sterndrive and Yamaha Outboard engines. All vessels are certified with the National Marine Manufacturers Association seal.

Choosing the Right Boat

Selecting the ideal boat isn’t an easy task because the ideal fishing, family, center console or walkaround boat simply does not exist. To choose the best boat for you, you’ll have to consider what’s important to you. First take the time to ask yourself what you are looking for in a boat. Also consider how much space you’ll need. If you prefer to sail solo you can purchase a small boat. If, on the other hand you want to enjoy being on the water with friends and family, you might have to purchase a bigger boat. All these things should be taken into consideration when making a decision to purchase your boat. Once you are clear on that, you will be in a better position to look at the financial side of the boats.

All in all, whether you choose a regular walkaround boat, a cuddy cabin boat, or a striper boat, what matters is that you have fun when you hit the water!

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