If you’re a fan of fishing, you might want to spend some time looking for the best fishing boat. G3 boats are among the models that have taken the industry by storm. They promise to provide the owner with high performance, good quality, and satisfaction.

Choosing from among the many boat models available can be challenging. Without knowing what to look for, you might end up with something completely different from what you want. This is why it’s essential to have a guide that’ll help you navigate the ropes.

Type of Boat

One of the factors to consider is the type of boat you want to buy. The kind of boat is determined by the boating activities for which you want to use the boat. Boats are highly specialized, and the G3 boats are a good fit for fishing activities, for example.

New or Used Boat

After deciding the type of boat you want, the next question is whether to go for a new or used one. Once you start shopping for a boat, you’ll realize the market is full of used boats for sale. They sell more cheaply than new boats, and most of them are still in good shape.

Buying a used boat may be less expensive up front, but the variables might increase in the long run. Used boats might come with some hidden problems, and you might not realize this until later.

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Features of a Quality Fishing Boat

If you’re buying a boat for the first time, you might want to know what comprises the best boat. Look for a shallow draft, flat casting decks, adequate live-wells, and a trolling motor. Lockable storage for rods and fishing tackle will be an added advantage.

What Are G3 Boats?

G3 boats are among the most powerful boating and fishing vessels you’ll ever come across. They are a brand by Yamaha Boat Company based in Australia. They are made to deliver outstanding on-water performance and ultimate customer satisfaction.

G3 boats come in many models including the Sun Catcher Pontoon, Angler Deep-V, Gator Tough Jon, and Eagle Bass Boat. It’s advisable to compare the performance, features, and quality of the different models before making a purchase.

Safety Standards of G3 Boats

G3 boats come with National Marine Manufacturers Association certification which is proof that the boats are built to meet strict safety standards. These standards are as outlined by the American Boat and Yacht Council and the US Coast Guard.

The standards include categories covering powering, electrical system, navigation lights, fueling, and floatation. The boats must also pass through annual inspections from independent inspectors. Certified boats are safer than non-certified ones.

G3 Boats Specs

The specifications of G3 boats largely depend on the boat model. The boat lengths range from 10 feet to approximately 23 feet. The beams measure anything between 52 and 97 inches. Package length and width varies between 19 and 25 feet and 73 and 102 inches, respectively.

Small-Sized G3 Boats​

G3 boats come in various models to help you choose the type you want for more convenience. The boats that measure up to 20 feet are ideal for fishing on small rivers, ponds, and shallow lakes. They are lightweight and are easy to trailer or strap to the roof a truck or car.

They can be powered manually or by use of a small outboard engine. They range from small, simple models to high-end versions and can be purchased for a few dollars to several thousand dollars.

All-Purpose G3 Boats

Some G3 boat models are all-purpose for use in saltwater and freshwater depending on how big they are. These models double as pleasure boats for family use and fishing boats. They generally range from 15 to 22 feet, and though small, they are versatile to let you catch a variety of fish species.

Another size is the bay boat that measures between 16 and 24 feet. They are ideal for users who don’t wish to venture offshore as they fish. They are suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater. They come with center consoles and single outboard motors in the range of 100 to 200 horsepower.

The boats provide you with varied angling opportunities so that you can fish along the mangrove shoreline or over the reef.

How it Compares

G3 has a wide range of boat models. We picked a few available on the market to see how they compare.

  • G3 Suncatcher Elite 324 RS
  • G3 Angler V17 SF
  • G3 Sun Catcher X322 RF

G3 Boats

Ease of Use

The cockpits of all the G3 models are designed to make your boat ride smooth and comfortable. Although they require some expertise, they are easy to learn and control.


The G3 boats are designed to give you control of your fishing or boating activities.

Design Quality

Most of the boats are designed with large live wells for the storage of your fish catch. The storage compartments are beautifully separated from the lounge area. The hatches are well made to keep water out of the boats so that the cockpit and gear remain dry at all times.


  • Live wells for fish storage
  • Large lounge areas to accommodate a large family
  • Beautiful finishes and graphics
  • Strong, durable, and study bottoms
  • A wide range of sizes for your convenience


  • Most of the models are expensive
  • Lacks an entertainment system like other models

1. G3 Suncatcher Elite 324 RS


G3 Suncatcher model incorporates the luxury, performance, and comfort that a fishing boat deserves to have. They offer you the best quality of any pontoon boots available on the market. Three types of boats under the Suncatcher model are X series, Elite series, and V series.

One of the Elite series boats is the Elite 324RS. The boat is a newly designed model that features stylish lounge areas for ample and plush seating space. The model also provides you with convenient storage space. Elite 324RS is mounted with GPS fish finders for easy navigation. They also have Sony Marine Entertainment systems. All these features serve to make your fishing time more enjoyable. Just like with all other G3 models, Elite 324RS upholds the values of performance, quality, and satisfaction.

Ease of Use

G3 Elite 324 RS is one of the most comfortable boats to use. It comes with ample seating space and stylish lounge areas to provide you with comfort in your boating activities.


The boat’s engine is designed to keep the boat running as you fish. The large fuel compartment keeps the boat fueled so that you never have to worry about running out of fuel mid-sea.

Design Quality

The design of the boat offers you ample space for you and your fish harvest. Multiple series and models give you a wide range of designs to choose from, for comfort and convenience.


  • Entertainment system
  • Large storage space
  • Lounge area for your comfort


  • Consumes a lot of fuel
  • A little smaller than other models

2. G3 Angler V17 SF


Angler V17 I is a rugged deep V model reinforced with double plating. The plating prevents the critical wear areas from wear and tear. The deep V’s are essential for making the boat easy to handle and hook with favorite species. The base of the boat is designed to provide a reliable platform for the most demanding activities. The Yamaha controls and gauges provide you with precision information regarding all the motor functions at a glance. If used by the whole family, the flip deck in the bow is designed to provide you with a three-across couch. Despite being a family boat, it’s more suitable for serious fishers who like venturing out in intemperate weather.  The full windshield serves to protect you from sprays and shelters the cockpit from the rain and breeze.

The two live wells provide you with adequate storage for your catch. They have a capacity of up to 188 liters and come with recirculation systems for a remote drain. They also have oxygenators to keep your catch alive. The boat offers two bucket seats and seven pedestals mounts. These allow you to configure the boat to meet your fishing needs. It also has the allowance to add extra seats to accommodate more people if need be. G3 Angler V17SF also provides spacious rod lockers and four safe storage compartments. Whether you want to go for weekend skiing or multi-species fishing, the Angle V17SF is the best choice for you.

Ease of Use

The Angler V17SF is easy to use whether you want it for family fun activities or fishing sports.


It comes with a strong motor to keep the boat running even for long distances. It works well both in fresh and saltwater environments.

Design Quality

The boat is well designed to ensure your comfort as you use it. Its finishing is well done to attract you from afar. The storage compartments give you enough room to store your catch.


  • Two live wells with a large capacity of up to 35 gallons
  • Ideal for use by the whole family
  • Sturdy base that keeps the boat afloat
  • Storage compartments
  • Easy to clean vinyl sole
  • Good design and finish
  • Windscreen for additional protection


  • Doesn’t have a windshield like some other models
  • Only available in black and burgundy colors

3. G3 Suncatcher X322 RF


The new Suncatcher X 322 series from the G3 boats gives you the freedom to adjust the inclined loungers for full-length seating. This is a fun boat that helps you achieve high levels of comfort with the optional bow couch.

The storage area has three compartments for the storage of additional gear. Under the starboard lounger cushion is more easy-to-access storage space.The design of the boat incorporates flush mounted docking and navigation lights. The stylish exteriors and rounded corners help bring out the beauty and appeal of the boat.

Ease of Use

The boat is easy to use for both family recreational activities or fishing. The cockpit makes control of the boat easy and enjoyable.


The cockpit has powerful controls like navigation lights and flush mount docking among others. The motor of the boat is designed to give you the confidence to loosen your ties and launch into the deep for all the fun you want to have.

Design Quality

G3 Suncatcher X322 RF is designed not only for comfort but also for luxury. The finishes help bring out its appeal. Large storage and seating space make the boat ideal for family fun activities.


  • The boat is designed with large storage compartments and live well
  • Ample lounge space
  • Automatic controls like navigation lights
  • Optional bow couch for more comfort
  • Stylish finishing


  • A limited capacity of only eight people
  • Lacks an entertainment system


After reviewing the above G3 boats, we chose the G3 Angler V17 SF model to be the best. In comparison to the other models, it has many exciting features that’ll enhance your fishing experience. It has a high-quality design and is quite attractive.

It’s also more spacious than its other G3 counterparts. The base is made to precision, with extra cushioning to prevent wear and tear that can cause dangerous leakage. The couch provides full-length sitting for the whole family, unlike the other boats. While G3 Angler V17 SF can be used for fun activities, it’s more ideal for use by professional fishers.