Launched in April 2017, the Fontaine Pajot Saona 47 is a catamaran that was produced as a tribute to Fontaine Pajot’s 40-year anniversary.

The catamaran is 47 feet long and sails like a dream, especially with all of the space and many amenities that you’ll find inside.

More than a boat, the Saona 47 is a ship of beauty and style that her owners can be proud of.

All About That Space

There is an immense amount of usable and functional space that can be seen immediately upon viewing the top deck. The deck is almost 100 feet with space for plenty of sun lounges and the opportunity for a fantastic view.

If you step into the help with operations and stop to check out the station for two, then follow the steps into the spacious cabin, you’ll be greeted with space to entertain at least a dozen or so people comfortably.

Go down one more level, and you’ll find the private cabins. Depending on the model, you will see either three cabins that include a master suite and two guest cabins, or you’ll discover five cabins in the charter model.

Even with a crowd of people, you’ll find that there is a place for everyone to go get some rest when dinner or the party is over.

The Design and Construction of the Saona 47

The Saona 47 was designed with the purpose of keeping entertaining and living space combined with a functional design.

The boat has a balsa-cored deck and hull that is all resin-infused, too. Fontaine Pajot infuses the core in order to aid in controlling the overall weight of the boat in addition to increasing strength.

With a beautiful swimming platform, you can anchor anytime for you or your guests to take a dip in emerald waters.

The interior design is what you might call urban contemporary and also entirely functional.

With its classic square-topped mainsail, the design remains simple and still efficient enough to be handled by a single person.

The jib is also reasonably easy to handle, and the electric winch makes it possible to raise the sail with ease. Even though the forces that the sail has to contend with are strong, the design is built to be able to handle the winds without issue.

The interior is impressive when you go look inside the owner’s suite. It has a double bed, plenty of space for stowing your treasures, and a large shower.

You’ll also find a couple of sleeping cabins, or if you have a different model, you’re going to see accommodations for up to three additional couples.

The Power and Specs of the Saona 47

The Saona 47 handles well at a comfortable cruising speed of about 8.5 knots with a setting of around 2,400 rpm. If you were to open the throttle all the way, you’d increase your speed to just over 9 knots.

Builder: Fontaine Pajot, Aigrefeuille, France

Designer: Berret Racoupeau

Interior Styling: Isabelle Racoupeau

Price: $680,000 as of early 2018

LOA: 46 ft

LWL: 45 ft

Beam: 25.3 ft

Draft: 4.3 ft

Displacement: 13.8 tons

Sail Area: 1,376 ft (includes jib and mainsail)

Standard Power: 2 x 50 HP

Option Power: 2 x 60 HP

Fuel: 2 x 148 gallons

Water: 185 gallons

SA/D ratio: 22

D/L Ratio: 173

The Fontaine Pajot Saona 47

The expansive living areas and cockpit combined with the intelligent design give you the space to entertain, cruise, or whatever your heart desires.

Initially introduced in the spring of 2017, the Saona 47 marked the completed makeover of the company’s sailboat range of models.

Similar to its siblings, it is also named for an exotic locale and was developed with a distinctive appearance.

Going for Your Own Saona 47

The Saona 47 is the perfect cruising catamaran for your sailing pleasure. The redesign isn’t a radical change, but it keeps this yacht contemporary.

It’s perfect for a family with teens, or charter groups that want to explore the open water in the lap of luxury.

Take the plunge, and you won’t regret investing in a craft like the Fontaine Pajot Saona 47. You’ll be able to anchor off the coast of the Dominican Republic or any white sandy beach of your choice!