Are you looking for the perfect recreational boat to do your fishing from?

If yes, then look no further than bass cat boats. Bass cat boats are among the finest angling boats on the market today.  Bass cats find their way onto the list of best recreational boats to buy thanks to their reputation as a top performer, smooth sailing ability, ease of handling, and the fact that they come equipped with the latest high-tech facilities in addition to their comfortable bucket seats.

The majority of bass cat jaguar boats also boast state of the art construction, glass-pedestal mounts and vacuum-bagging. There are two main variations to choose from, namely the aluminum constructed boats or the fiberglass constructed boats. If you are considering buying one of these boats, here are some features that’ll help you decide on the best bass cat boat to buy.


1. Performance

When it comes to boat performance, nothing beats a quiet stealthy boat. No one wants to disturb the fishing area, so a good motor and engine are prerequisites in any bass cat boat. Here are the bass jaguar’s performance specs.

In terms of performance, the Jaguar reaches an outstanding 80mph speed on pad. The boat even tops the bass cat line. The Jag carries three deep-cycle trolling-motor batteries along with an angler trolling motor battery. The stringer grid vacuum, composite transom (compression-molded) and a full-beam combine to make the Jaguar steadier and more stable. With 53 gal. fuel capacity, 21’5” LOA and 7’10” beam, the Jaguar features an impressive displacement of 2,150 lb.


2. Interior

It’s no secret that a boat’s interior is one of its best aspects. This is, after all, the place where you as the angler will spend most of your time. The interior should have enough space to move around comfortably. The storage facilities should be within easy reach, and the boat should have all the necessary features that you, personally prefer. If they aren’t there, you can choose to have the interior customized to suit your preferences of course. However, the following are features that are standard in most bass cat jaguar boats.

Bass cat jaguar boats have bucket style seats. In addition to these seats, the Jaguar accommodates a third angler by offering a center seat. The 24-ounce washable marine carpet confirms high standards owing to its durability. The scissor storage system features easy-to-approach tackle boxes so there is no need to bend your knees to reach them.

Live-wells in which fish are kept after they have been caught are great additions which are quite useful to anglers. An additional gear and a spare trolling motor are kept in the locker aft. The durable and efficient water resistant digital switching are quite user-friendly. Despite a large GPS display, the dash manages to efficiently accommodate a premium stereo system. The bass cat jaguar includes the best boating options for serious anglers.


3. Design

The Pierce family, are the original designers of bass cat boats. The very first bass cat boat was designed in the 1920s. Over the years, other companies have attempted to change the design, but the majority of buyers prefer the original design and boat construction.


4. Maintenance

Full marks to the designers and construction team for installing the plumbing and wiring after mating the deck and the hull. If at any point, maintenance becomes a necessity, the service becomes easy because of the convenient access to the components. You can also access the fuel tank easily as it rests under the seats.


What We Think!

The iconic Jaguar from bass cat features deeper bow rise, better than any other bass cat boat. The engine options begin from 250 horsepower and rise up to 400 horsepower Verado Racing. The efficient fuel distribution allows the Jaguar to optimize its performance according to the challenges and conditions in which it finds itself in. With a scissor storage capacity of up to 16-tackle boxes, there is an additional 12-boxes room which comes in the form of forward-trays. The front deck features an impressive 6-feet width.

If you are looking for a bass cat jaguar for sale then feel free to visit the official Bass Cat website and request a quote. The average cost of a bass cat jaguar is around $97,500. However, with all these amazing features and specs, this is a small price to pay for a quality angling and recreational boat. Its money well-spent because these boats are worth every penny spent on them.

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