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So, you’re looking for a new fly rod that delivers without a hefty price tag? Echo’s affordable Base rod sees a lot of hype, but what’s behind that hype? It looks like a thorough Echo Base fly rod review is in order.

Who hasn’t struggled with the choice between affordability and quality? Perhaps you’ve tried skimping on fishing gear and ended up with an off-brand rod that hardly worked and instead wasted what could have been a great weekend of fishing.

When a well-renowned brand drops an affordable alternative, that’s wonderful. But why is it so much cheaper? Let’s find out.

What Is the Echo Base?

​Echo Fly Fishing specializes in high-quality fly fishing rods and other equipment. It’s a popular brand among fishers across the world, but they mostly cater to serious ones who are ready to invest in a high-end fly rod.

With the Echo Base, they offer an affordable alternative that anyone can use. Seeing an Echo rod at this price range may surprise many fly fishing enthusiasts, but it does seem like a promising rod.

However, a big brand-name rod this affordable may raise some questions. Therefore, a thorough Echo Base fly rod review is necessary.

What You Need to Know

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​A basic understanding of the rod and its purpose is essential before we dive in, especially if you’re new to fly fishing. Rods specialize in several ways, so the suitability of any given rod depends on what fish you’re going for and where you look for it.

Some rods have a better range while others are superior in close quarters. Also, there’s the issue of balancing performance with user-friendly handling. So, a useful Echo Base fly rod review must first determine its characteristics.

What’s the aim of the Echo Base?

In short, the Echo base is an all-rounder. The manufacturer calls it a medium-fast action rod, which implies that it’s relatively stiff. Fishing rod action refers to how the rod flexes and handles. Faster action generally means better range but worse comfort and handling.

However, it’s more medium than fast, which makes it beginner-friendly. It has a pretty soft flex, but it should be able to wrangle big fish without any problems. So, it’s a very versatile rod.

It may not have an impressive maximum distance compared to many higher-quality rods, but there’s always a tradeoff. Rods that prioritize distance tend to feel like broomsticks. Therefore, something bendier like an Echo Base is better for long days on the water.

Who should use an Echo Base?

Being an entry-level rod by design, an Echo Base is an excellent choice for a beginner or casual fisher. It’s also a very worthy option if you want an affordable but reliable backup rod. Plus, it’s also a suitable rod if you simply want to diversify your quiver and try different ways of fly fishing.

Overall, it’s sturdy and balanced. While it’s not the lightest option on the market, it’s not bad for the price and performance level. Its weight ratings range between 3 and 8, which means you can get an Echo Base rod for virtually any conventional type of fly fishing.

It’s worth highlighting in an Echo Base fly rod review that these options, combined with the general versatility and affordability, are what make the Echo Base attractive. If you want a well-rounded quiver for various purposes, filling in the gaps with Echo Base rods is a simple solution.

Whether you’re looking for small trout in shallow creeks or big pike and carp in warm water, you can use an Echo Base. But, that doesn’t say much about the ergonomics or build quality of this entry-level fly rod. So, an in-depth Echo Base fly rod review is what you need.

Echo Base Fly Rod Review


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​​​​A closer look at the specs reveals a high build quality for the price. In fact, some of the components are the same that you’d find on more expensive Echo rods. Therefore, it already stands out from the cheap fly rods offered by major retailers without a significant price difference.

Echo believes in the durability and performance of their rods and provides a lifetime warranty when you buy an Echo Base. If you damage the rod in a wild fishing accident, you can get it repaired or replaced for a small fee.

Another crucial piece of information for an Echo Base fly rod review is that it’s only a rod without any extras. If you want a reel and line, there’s a kit for sale from the manufacturer. If you’re new to fly fishing, this is a solid choice that provides everything you need to start, other than flies and tippet.

Now, let’s get back to the rod itself. It has a few qualities worth pointing out, so we’ll tackle (no pun intended) one at a time.

A user-friendly design

At this price range, you may be expecting something heavy and unwieldy or something that feels like a soggy noodle. However, the Echo Base strikes a balance of weight and strength that’s unusual for rods under $100.

While it may be slightly on the heavier side, it should be easy to use regardless of your constitution. Weighing in between 3.1 and 4.5 ounces, long hours of angling shouldn’t cause any notable fatigue.

Ease of use has taken priority over maximum performance and accuracy, which is understandable. After all, it is an entry-level rod. However, it can be quite impressive at short and medium ranges, and it throws loops with elegant ease.

Overall, it’s an ergonomic design with a comfy cork grip. For beginners, in particular, this is a well-suited candidate to develop your fly fishing skills.

Affordable quality

The high build quality and formidable components are easy to spot. Echo built this rod with attention to detail and made sure to make it highly functional and enjoyable despite the low cost. From the soft tip to the cork handle, they’ve actually considered the feel of the rod, which makes it stand out from generic options.

You may be wondering: What does the soft tip do?

Well, a soft tip helps to make casting easier by letting you feel the rod load more. Modern rods with medium-fast action tend to have a stiff feel that makes it harder for beginners to understand how to load the rod.

Since loading the rod properly is an essential skill, it’s easier to start and learn with a soft tip. It’s like getting the user-friendliness of a slow-action rod with the power of medium-fast action. So, you can still cast heavy flies.

Now, if you buy the kit, you get a pre-spooled reel with the ideal balance for the rod. It consists of impact-resistant resin and aluminum, which means it can withstand those unpredictable days at the river. Plus, the drag is strong enough for those heavy fish.

In fewer words, the quality is impressive. It’ll be hard for competitors to beat the price-to-value ratio.

Medium-fast action

​An Echo Base fly rod review isn’t complete without a closer look at the action. It’s closer to medium than it is to fast action. While it gives you the strength in the middle that lets you send your flies pretty far, it has a reasonably soft flex.

You’ll notice this when you use large poppers, bunny strips, or heavy clousers. They give you a slow-action feel, but not in the floppy fiberglass noodle sense. It’s more of a balanced, smooth action.

Although this may not be ideal for seasoned anglers who crave superb power, it’s a significant benefit if you’re less experienced. An Echo Base fly rod review that claims it’s an excellent rod for every purpose would be misleading. However, it is a well-balanced and versatile one.

Long-distance performance

Regarding the range, the versatility factor holds true. The Echo Base delivers both up close and at a distance. While it may not have the most impressive maximum range, it’s by no means terrible at longer distances.

Even at distances of around 50 feet, you can easily cast nice loops. Around 70 feet, it’ll get harder, but you can pull it off if you focus well. The speed just isn’t there when you use heavier flies, which makes casting less consistent.

Accurate casting

Compared to other affordable fly fishing rods, the Echo Base is highly accurate. However, it’s not in the same league as other Echo fly rods.

At close and medium distances, there’s nothing worth pointing out. It gives you easy, accurate casting.

However, longer distances may give you some trouble, especially with heavier flies. Also, the vibrations caused by jerky casting motions throw off the accuracy somewhat. While it’s possible to cast beyond 70 feet with decent accuracy, results can be a bit unpredictable.

These are the kinds of compromises it takes to bring the cost down. So, if you came expecting typical Echo performance at a much lower price, you may be disappointed. However, it’s not too far from its siblings in the next price class.

Regardless, it’s a strong all-rounder, and that’s what matters most for a good impression in an Echo Base fly rod review. It pulls off what it’s trying to do.

What People Say

​​​​​​​​​It’s worth pointing out that our Echo Base fly rod review draws review data from a wide pool of sources. We’ve scoured the web for stats and opinions to provide a nuanced picture of the Echo Base.

Part of the information comes from a comparison of professional reviews. Articles from sources like FlyLife Magazine, Reel Chase, and Hatch Mag also contributed to the information presented here.

What’s more, we’ve listened to actual anglers who bought the rod. We looked into the ratings people give the rod and the reasons for their given scores. Altogether, this provides a balanced insight into the rod’s quality and performance.


  • ​Impressive value
  • ​Versatile
  • ​Durable
  • ​Beginner-friendly
  • ​Balanced action

There’s much to like about the Echo Base. That must be why practically every Echo Base fly rod review is positive, and why users give it 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.


  • ​Somewhat inconsistent at long distances
  • ​Slightly awkward drag adjustment
  • ​So-so maximum range

​All in all, there’s very little to complain about or wish for. After all, you’re getting a highly functional Echo at a price point usually reserved for questionable money-grab rods.

Alternatives to Echo Base

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​​Now, perhaps the Echo Base doesn’t quite tickle your fancy. Or maybe you simply want to look around before you make your mind.

Therefore, we figured some comparisons would be a good complement to a comprehensive Echo Base fly rod review. They’re all entry-level rods that cost less than $200, but they vary in distinct ways.

Fenwicks Eagle

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Fenwick Fly Rods carry a legacy dating of strong rods dating all the way to the 1950s. Like Echo, they offer a budget-friendly fly rod.

The main difference is that it’s a fast-action rod. So, it’s a bit stiffer and heavier, which makes it harder to use for newer anglers. Other than that, the two are comparable.

However, it’s not quite as affordable. Regardless, it’s a high-value deal. If you want better reach and a stronger rod, a Fenwicks Eagle is a suitable alternative to the Echo Base.

Redington Classic Trout

No products found.

​Now, it’s a bit tricky to find close competitors to compare in an Echo Base fly rod review because of its distinct price point. However, since many competitors offer entry-level rods for between $100 and $200, it’s worth looking into what merits the price difference.

Costing about twice as much as an Echo Base, the Amazon best-seller Redington Classic Trout has a slightly fancier design. It only weighs 2.9 ounces and offers soft, slow action. In other words, a classic trout rod, as the name implies.

Also, it has a soft-to-stiff action profile, which makes it easy to cast but makes it prone to shocking when you cast at long distances. So, it’s pretty similar to the Echo Base.

Fenwicks Aetos

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If slow and medium actions aren’t your thing, a Fenwicks Aeatos is a promising option. While it also costs about twice as much as an Echo Base, it’s still very affordable.

What merits the bigger price tag is its higher performance. It reaches further and retains more accuracy at long distances. While it is a fast-action fly rod, it has a decent flex and the same weight as the Echo Base.

So, this could be your top choice if you weren’t too impressed by the Echo Base fly rod review but want an affordable fly fishing outfit.

Is an Echo Base the Best Fly Fishing

Rod for You?

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​​​​​In summation, the Echo Base is a well-rounded fly rod that performs above its price class. While it can’t match other Echo rods, it’s a convenient choice for those who don’t want to splurge on high-end fishing rods.

Unless you need a far-reaching fast-action fly rod, it’s a worthy candidate for your fishing quiver. Whether you need a simple trout rod, something to learn new ways on, or a trusty backup, we can recommend an Echo Base.

We hope you found all the answers you wanted from an Echo Base fly rod review. Check in regularly for more comprehensive fishing articles.

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