There has been a trend towards green living while cleaning effectively, hence the term, “clean and green,” even when referring to boating.

As you go out on the water more often, you’re going to find that you need good boat cleaning solutions that will also be conservation minded.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about collecting and disposing of trash or fixing issues within your boat. Whatever you do, if you follow these tips for a clean and green boat, you can’t miss.

Cabin Upholstery

Your cabin upholstery probably needs to be clean and get an overhaul from time to time. In order to do it, you’re going to want to use a mild soap with warm water applied directly to the vinyl to clean it effectively.

Alternatively, if your cushions are removable, you can also bring them inside and clean them there. By bringing them inside instead of storing them on the boat, you’re going to be able to keep them smelling clean and fresh.

Clean the Wood

Wood takes a beating, especially on a boat. With that in mind, you’ll want to work to keep the wooden surfaces looking clean and shiny.

It’s much easier than you would think, and it’s also relatively low-cost. The simple solution is to use water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil.

Lemon cuts through the oils that our fingerprints leave behind, which is why lemon juice works well to help with cleaning.

All you need to do is apply the lemon mixture with a damp cloth and then wipe it off with a fresh cloth. That’s it – it’s easy and entirely environmentally friendly.

Window Cleaning

Having clean windows is critical, especially when you’re the one at the helm. If you can’t see adequately out your window, you could miss a tree stump poking up out of the water or a rock that is just below the surface, waiting to cause significant damage to your boat.

The easiest and most eco-friendly cleaning solution for your boat windows is a mixture of white vinegar and warm water.

Use cotton cloths because they don’t leave lint behind. With the cotton cloths, wipe down your windows with the solution either at the beginning or at the end of the day.

The beginning of the day is great because it allows you to know your windows are clean from the start. Choosing to clean the windows at the end of the day also works because it preps the windows for your next outing.

Taking Out the Trash

Trash piles up. There’s no way around that. The difference between being on your boat and being at home when dealing with the trash is the fact that the main receptacle isn’t far when you’re lounging in your living room.

The situation is very different when you’re on a boat. The trash bin that you have below deck is important for sure, but it would be wise to have a second trash bin above deck for waste disposal as it happens.

By collecting trash proactively, you’re also protecting the water from having more trash added to our precious water sources.

Even if you don’t want a traditional trash bin, you do have other options like a plastic bin or a pop-up trash can that you can store once you’re done.

Managing Onboard Odors

If you’ve ever spent a day out on the water, you know that the smell of water, bodies, and sunscreen can linger. The question is, what can you do about that?

The answer is relatively simple. Aside from cleaning surfaces after every single use, you can also purchase an air freshener to leave behind.

Not only will it prevent odors from taking over, but it will also make the boat much more welcoming when you go below decks.

There are air fresheners that you can make yourself to be cost-effective and eco-friendly, and there are also options out on the market that you can purchase instead.

Keeping Your Boat Clean and Green

There are other things to keep in mind while you’re keeping your boat clean and green. Consider maintenance routines, too, and remember to stay environmentally friendly by performing spill-proof oil changes.

Once you’re set, you can head out on the water knowing that you’re doing the best for your trip out all while keeping the environment in mind.

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