There are tons of great options for boat storage throughout winter, but do they work for you?

Storing a boat at a marina can be really costly. Your garage may not be large enough to be able to accommodate a boat.

And sure, you have a boat cover, but you know that is not going to be enough to last through the winter.

But maybe you have a wide, open space on your expansive lawn that would be the perfect storage space, if only there were an easy to set up outdoor boat storage option.

From the providers of mag storage solutions, CarCapsule, meet your newest boat storage choice, Boat Capsule.

With Boat Capsule, you can store your boat outside, completely covered, and encapsulated in a safe bubble.

Boat Protection for the Whole Year

The Boat Capsule is a storage choice to make for the whole year.

24/7 and 365 days a year, the Boat Capsule keeps your boat safe until you need it. Have a whole month where you can’t get out on the water? The Boat Capsule will keep your boat waiting for you until you have a free day (or even a free weekend) to spend on the water.

The Boat Capsule protects your boat from the elements.

Your investment in your boat will be safe all the time. Whether you are worried about dirt, mildew, weird smells, insects or rodents, or even getting your boat dinged up, you need to worry no more with this solution.

Simply make sure your boat is clean before you dock it in the Boat Capsule and you’re all set!

Easy Storage Set Up

One issue with at-home boat storage is setting up a space for your boat. But with the Boat Capsule, there is no problem here either.

Setting up the Boat Capsule is easy as counting, according to its makers.

There is no assembly necessary, and there is absolutely no metal or plastic included that could harm your boat. The lack of metal or plastic means that it is easy to dock your boat in the Boat Capsule without worrying about dings.

All you need to do with the Boat Capsule is position your boat and trailer on the basemat, attach the fans, and plug in the Boat Capsule. The fans and charcoal filters keep out dust, dirt, and pests.

Quick and easy, making this choice is a no-brainer.

Features of the Boat Capsule

The Boat Capsule comes in two sizes – one for boats under 25 feet and one for boats under 30 feet. The top cover is UV rated PVC, perfect for maintaining a protective cover over your investment. The basemat is thick, and it is resistant to tears and stretches.

The cover and basemat have been tested for cold-cracking, and the news is great. After being tested at temperatures from -30 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, the makers of Boat Capsule discovered no cracks. And if your boat happens to leak in the capsule, it’s okay – the basemat is resistant to oil, gas, and antifreeze.

Because there is zero metal involved in the making of the Boat Capsule, there will also be zero cause to worry about rust development too. The zippers are made of Nylon and are self-healing. This low maintenance boat storage option is stress-free and easy to use.

Solve Problems and Save Money

Easy to set up and providing unrivaled protection, the Boat Capsule is a great choice. The 25-foot boat storage model costs $1,595, while the 30-foot storage model costs $1,895.

The Boat Capsules may appear pricey at first, but consider the costs of storing your boat at a private facility. The one-time investment of the Boat Capsule will save you thousands of storage fees in the long run.

In addition to saving money in the long run, you can invest in a one-year warranty from CarCapsule. If you find that your Boat Capsule does not provide the protection you were hoping it would, or if your capsule gets damaged during set up, you have a full year to contact CarCapsule for a fix.

Choose Boat Capsule for Your Boat Storage Needs

With Boat Capsule, you will find secure protection from all the elements with every use. Your one-time cost may be high, but your investment in Boat Capsule will protect your boat investment right in front of you.

Never be concerned with who may be around your boat at a marina or pests burrowing in your boat again. This year-round solution to boat storage is everything you will need.

Invest in the Boat Capsule now to save on worry and money later.

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