Bavarian yachts have long had a reputation for elegance, sophistication, and have been a status symbol for decades. They’re a staple within the boating industry.

However, at this time, Bavaria Yachts is creating a new look as they redesign their range of boats. It’s no wonder they’re redesigning after some unfortunate financial issues the company has faced.

A Little About Their Financial Troubles

Bavaria’s CEO was terminated, which resulted in US investors pulling their support to German-based Bavaria Yachtbau. This has resulted in an impending bankruptcy.

When the investors pulled their financial backing, it left the company in dire straits. Fortunately, their catamaran division is thriving, but their monohull branch is suffering.

The monohull sales demands reportedly derailed around ten years ago back in 2008, and it never completely recovered.

Thankfully, because the catamaran branch is working so well, Bavaria is looking at being under new ownership in the coming months.

Prior to this snafu, the company had been expanding their yacht building with new and luxuriously designed cruisers with a record of approximately four thousand yachts built every year.

Bavaria’s New Look

Earlier this year in January, Bavaria had brought out their C65 in an effort to show just how much they had gone into redesigning their cruiser concepts.

The first yacht that had undergone the redesign was the C57, followed by the C45 and the C50. The stylings are similar and have some intriguing key features.

Not only is there an optional self-tacking jib, but there is also a built-in wet bar and grill located inside the cockpit.

You’ll also find a garage for a dinghy and digital compatibility to connect your smart device and monitor all functions inside your boat.

Additionally, inside their more recent models, you’ll find as many as five or six spacious cabins available for the owners and their guests.

The Bavaria R55 Design and Focus

The R55, released earlier this year as well, was designed with a sporty look in mind. Just looking at the yacht inspires an image that says this boat can plow through the water at a fantastic speed.

The project manager, Robert Chaffer, explained that they “worked very hard to get the hull tuned just right.” The reason for this, according to the design intentions, was to break the waves farther up the bow, causing the water to split evenly from the front and fall to the sides.

The interior has at least three staterooms that offer plenty of room to its guests. The bridge is also very sleek and has enough room for at least half a dozen adults to mingle comfortably around the bar and grill.

Part of the new look that Bavaria is going for can be seen in the way the focus has been shifted to the lounging areas. No longer is the area a simple and flat deck. Instead, it has seating for friends to enjoy each other’s company for as long as they wish.

The Bavaria C45 Engineering and Focus

If you were to look at Bavaria’s brochure on their C45, you would see inspiring information that clues you in on where their focus is going.

The German engineering ensures a quality experience due to precision in the overall design. They are going in the direction of comfort that includes a fantastic layout and attention to detail.

Inside the C45, you have the choice of three to five cabins. The new design is meant to be as comfortable as being at home given the option in amenities that are available to you.

You also have the choice of three different colors to the interior – a bright birch, a darker walnut, or a brown that is reminiscent of a chestnut.

Looking at the inner workings of the yacht, you’ll find a twin steering wheel, a dinghy garage, three separate sunbathing areas available if you wish to use them that way.

With a fuel tank that holds approximately 66 gallons and a water tank that holds 143 gallons, you could spend a lot of time out on the open water enjoying the sea air.

A Few Last Words

Solar panels are available as extras on some models, so you’d have to consider that option when you go forward with a Bavaria Yacht.

These yachts have you sitting in the lap of luxury the entire way. Enjoy time with your family, your friends, or just by yourself, as you sail the seas for days on end.

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