Boat charters involve renting or “chartering” either a sailboat, motorboat or sometimes a yacht for use traveling or on fishing trips to any number of destinations. When people are chartering a boat or yacht, usually there is a personal pleasure or business purpose involved.

Many people love the boating lifestyle and enjoy traveling all over the world in search of sunshine and beaches to enjoy activities. Many people love to go fishing for extended vacations, and many business deals are made on chartered boats on boat charters.

With the many different available boats all over the world for charter, you can be sure that you will find something that you really love wherever you are. Many people just love to go fishing with a group of people and will get fishing charters for this purpose.

All around the world last year there were 2,800 chartered boats involved in 21,000 different weeks of chartered boating activity. There are a wide variety of different boats for any type of purpose for individuals or groups of people in many different circumstances.

There are several different types of arrangements for boat charters made by individuals and the owners of boats or their captains. Let’s take a look at some of those here:

The Main Types of Boat Charters

1. Bareboat

Yacht charter Crete

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In this type of charter scenario, the boat is rented without a captain or crew. The people will skipper the boat themselves with their own crew in most cases, except when you have a cabin charter.  A cabin charter involves the use of having a captain without an additional crew.  In the cases of regular bareboat charters and cabin charters, the boat charter company will sometimes offer courses in basic seamanship and lessons on how to operate a boat to the group of people renting it.

2. Skippered

What is Skippered Yacht Charter?

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When a boat is a skipper chartered, the boat is rented with a captain and a crew or a staff of other people like hosts, hostesses, engineers, scuba divers, stewards and others who will attend to the needs of the group of people renting it.


What’s Included in a Boat Charter?

Skippered Boat Charter

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You may want to work within your budget, and timing is everything for a boat charter. There are three different times of the year for most charters with different rates for each time.  Checking with the charter company is a good idea well before you actually charter your boat.

For bareboat boat charters, you will have to bring your own food and supplies as they will not be furnished for you, and the same holds true for cabin charter situations.  In many cases, those charters that are skippered will have all of the amenities that you require provided for you.

You can negotiate how much of the work that you will have to do yourself in some of these situations, and therefore how much you will have to pay, it’s all up to you.

In some situations, live DJs in music are provided for the larger vessels, and some chartered party events will provide catering services.


For Those Who Want a Yacht Charter

Crewed Yacht Charters

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Yacht Charters are a different type of boat charter.  They usually include uninspected passenger yachts and inspected passenger ships. Sometimes known as six packs, uninspected passenger ships will hold six or fewer people and come in different sizes and shapes.

For inspected passenger ships you will rent out a large vessel for purposes such as dinner cruises. These charters feature large sailing vessels that can hold up to several hundred passengers. These are ideal for business purposes. You will need a licensed captain for this type of vessel in all cases no matter what.

For those who are on an important event or business trip with many people involved, renting a mega yacht or super yacht may be desirable for some. The price range for these types of yachts depends on the vessels age and pedigree, as well as the number of crew and the destination of the vessel. Prices for these charters range from $50,000 to $700,000 for such ships.


What to Remember Before You Get a Boat Charter

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If you have no experience boating and really want to explore the open seas, chartering a boat is a really great option for many people to start out with. If you want to try out different boats to see what each of them has to offer, a boat charter is a great way to sample the different types.

When you’re out on the boat you will want to bring rubber soled shoes, UV protection, and appropriate swimwear. If you are on a larger boat such as a yacht you may want to bring evening dress attire and maybe a windbreaker.

Taking a look around at the various options is a great idea, and you can usually find great deals through simple website searches for boat charters or yacht charters.

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