If you are into recreational water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding you may want to take the time to visit Lady Bird Lake if you’re in the Austin, Texas area.

Facts about Lady Bird Lake

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For those visiting the Austin, Texas area who enjoy water-based recreational activities you may want to take a look at what Lady Bird Lake has to offer.

Formerly Town Lake, Lady Bird Lake was named after former first lady Lady Bird Johnson who campaigned and donated $19,000 of her own money to plant trees and shrubs to revitalize the area. Lady Bird Lake is a reservoir that is similar to a river located in the Austin Texas area and it’s connected to the Colorado River.

The surface area of the lake measures 416 acres and was initially created as a cooling pond for a power plant in Austin. Part of a chain of reservoirs located on the Colorado River, Lady Bird Lake is a major recreation attraction for the Austin, Texas area in addition to its role as a cooling pond.  People come from all over the place to use various watercraft during the spring summer and fall months.

Students from various universities around the U.S.A. use the area to do training in for water sports during the winter breaks. Motorized watercraft are prohibited on Lady Bird Lady Bird Lake and swimmers receive a $500 fine as it is illegal to swim.

Getting Canoes, Paddle Boards and Kayaks in the Lady Bird Lake Area

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If you find yourself in the Austin, Texas area and you want to get ahold of watercraft in order to be able to take advantage of Lady Bird Lake or are just shopping for good quality canoes, paddle boards, or kayaks, in general, there are a few suppliers that you should be aware of.

Let’s take a look at one of the outfitters who supplies watercraft in the Austin, Texas area of notable interest. Some of the canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards are also available for rental, and you can contact Austin Kayak for details.

Here are some of the several canoes, kayak, and paddle board models you can find for purchase or rental below:

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  • Sit on Top and Sit Inside Kayaks. Tandem and single sit on top and sit on side tie kayak
  • Fishing Kayaks. Popular kayaks for those who like to fish while they are paddling
  • Sea Kayak. Sea kayaks for touring and multi-day adventures
  • Motorized and Pedal Kayak. These kayaks are either motorized by electric motors or powered by foot power for easy use
  • Kids Kayak. These kayaks were built for kids specifically and are engineered to be safe
  • Outlet Kayaks and Paddle Boards. Many models of paddle boards exist for rental or purchase
  • Ocean Kayak Frenzy. This hand-picked kayak is especially attractive and functional
  • Inflatable Kayaks. These kayaks are easily transportable and are relatively lightweight and durable

There are also many other available suppliers of canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards for rent in the Austin Texas area.  Some of these include Lone Star Rental and Zilkerboats which both offer a large selection of different watercraft at competitive rates at all skill levels.

History of the Lady Bird Lake area

History of the Lady Bird Lake area

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The Longhorn dam was constructed in 1960 which connected the City of Austin to Town Lake, later named Lady Bird Lake. Former first lady Lady Bird Johnson initially declined to be the namesake of the area while she was alive, but it was renamed in her honor after she died.

Prior to the early 1970s, the entire area was overrun with weeds and trash and was very unkempt and unsightly. Due to Lady Bird Johnson’s efforts, the area was cleaned up finally after several attempts and then dedicated to watersports and other recreational activities.

What to Do if You Plan on Visiting

Lady Bird Lake Trail is one of The 15 Best Places for Kayaks in Austin.

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If you’re planning a trip to the Austin, Texas area and you would like to participate in water sports as part of you our itinerary, you can rent watercraft or purchase your own.  If you are really interested in exploring everything the area has to offer, make sure to plan your trip while ahead of time.

There are a lot of people who use the area for watersports and you will have a lot of company on the water.  Make sure to practice safe boating and perhaps take some lessons in preparation for your trip if necessary.

If you plan on renting your watercraft while you are there make sure to compare rates well ahead of time and get the type of vessel you really want for your trip.  Experimenting with new types of watercraft can be enjoyable as well.  It’s really up to you as to what you want to pursue; the Lady Bird Lake area really offers a lot to anyone who wants to have fun enjoying recreational water sports.

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