Are you a fan of cruiser yachts?

Owning a cruiser yacht is a dream that many people have. It’s a goal that many are working hard towards. However, do you know what some of the essential questions you need to be asking about cruiser yachts are?

To make sure that you opt for the most suitable choice, you need to go through some important consideration to reach a wise decision.

Buying a cruiser yacht is a whole lot different to buying a car. You need to do your own research and study, instead of just blindly relying on the broker’s suggestions.

When choosing from cruising boats, some important considerations include availability, the reputation of the manufacturers, the docking place, pricing and the list of main brokers.

The following are the six most important questions you need to ask before making a final purchasing decision.

1. How Much Does It Cost?

After the 2008 crisis, boats were being offloaded and sold by their owners at dirt cheap prices. People were looking for buyers to take these boats off their hands. It was easier to negotiate better selling prices post 2008. After almost a decade, the bargain is not as easy anymore but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and haggle for a good price if you can. First, do a bit of research to see what the average price for the kind of boat you want is. This way you’ll have a good idea of how much you’re willing to part with, and will also give you a starting price for negotiations.

2. Power Boat or Sailboat?

To answer this question, you first need to determine the kind of boating experience you want. For what purpose are you looking for a boat? Do you want to enjoy offshore sailing, island hopping or deep-sea fishing? If you plan to do all the above, then a 38 ft. to 42 ft. boat is suitable.

Whether it’s a sailboat or a powerboat, you’ll need to acquire basic knowledge of marine maintenance as well as seamanship. In the case of a sailboat, you need to choose from catamaran and monohull in addition to the selection of the number of masts. In the case of a power boat, you need to decide if you need a fishing boat or a trawler and also the number of engines.

3. Buy New or Used Yacht?

Your budget is the most dominating factor to determine the right answer to this question. On one hand, used yachts may save you a lot of money. Otherwise if you can afford it, a new yacht can facilitate you with custom features just the way you like. The market is vast and you can find yourself in a better position to negotiate. For a clear idea, you may refer to Bluewater yachts to compare scores of options on the basis of new and used boats.

A lot of first time buyers are happy to settle for pre-owned cruisers yachts. If, on the other hand you can afford to buy a new boat, it’s well worth it because you’ll have the certainty of knowing that there are no pre-existing boat issues that previous owners may have hid from you.

4. Which Basic Structural Features to Look For?

Mostly, the cruise boats feature fiberglass material. You can still find steel, carbon-fiber and wooden structures if you prefer. People mostly like the fiberglass hull because it is cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, and is stronger. For better stability, catamarans are suitable but they might be more expensive because of the two hulls they have. For better fishing, power boats are appropriate.

5. Do I Need to Consult the Experts?

The amount of money involved in purchasing a yacht is a significant amount. Because of this, it is highly advised to consult with experts before making your purchase. This is particularly true if you are buying used cruiser boats. There are scores of aspects to discuss, as well as financial and legal issues to settle. All this will need more than just your own opinion, but that of suitable experts.

6. How to Negotiate When Buying a Used Yacht?

The best suggestion is to visit personally and examine the boat thoroughly. It is better to take an expert with you and ask them to create a list of each and every loophole they notice. Negotiation becomes easier as the number of loopholes increases. Negotiating without a thorough inspection can see you pay more than what the yacht is actually worth.

Where to Find Help

If you have enough time, you may visit Florida, California, Maryland, and Texas because these states are hot spots for buying boats.

If you can’t visit these places, don’t worry. Thanks to Bluewater Yacht Sales you’ll be able to peruse through a wide selection of yachts for sale from the comfort of your home before deciding on a few to visit.

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