From the words of Dutch sailor, Laura Dekker:

“As soon as I get on my boat, something inside me changes. Then I really feel what living is.”

Indeed, boating can be an exhilarating experience. No wonder more and more people are getting recreational activity.

However, this could be an expensive hobby. So the next best option would be to buy used boats.

Are you first time boat buyer? Keep on reading to know what things you should watch out for.


5 Reasons to Buy a Used Boat


It only takes a few minutes of surfing the internet to discover used boats for sale. A lot of them are available at a much lower price that you would pay for the same boat brand that is new.

Here are five reasons buying a boat is the way to go:


1. Save Some Bucks

Whether it is a ski boat or a small fishing boat, the best thing about buying second-hand is you get your ideal boat for a few dollars. It also means you are not betting the farm should you decide that a different style and size suits you better.


2. Initial Bugs are Dealt With

Buying a used boat also means that any initial bugs have likely surfaced and been dealt with. Nonetheless, you can seek the help of National Association of Marine Surveyors or Society of Accredited Marine surveyors for reassurance.


3. Get Time-Tested Technologies

Another cool thing about purchasing a second-hand boat is that you will know whether you are getting a vessel with functional machine. How? You can always use Google to search for some online reviews. You can also the boat owner regarding the boat’s performance in the past.


4. Choose a Style for Less

In relation to saving some money, buying a used boat also lets you have a stylish vessel that you want for less. Moreover, you can haggle the price it depending on the marketplace such as through a trade-in, a broker, or a private seller.


5. Have a Peace of Mind

It might sound funny, but knowing that you are not the first person to put a scratch on your boat gives you a peace of mind.


5 Tips in Buying a Used Boat


Sure, buying a second hand boat means you can save some money. However, doing so may not be an easy undertaking.

Here are some of the signs that you need to watch out for when buying a used boat.


1. Look for Signs of Damage

This includes cracks above and below the waterline, flexing in the fibreglass, as well moulding in the wooden areas. You should also check damages in the hull, transom, and floor as these indicate breaking down of some parts of the boat. Small damages can also cause big problems if not fixed.


2. Check the Upholstery and Lockers for Mildew

Upholstery and covers are easy to clean and replace. However, moulding inside the seats is a bad sign. The same thing goes for your lockers, the wooden part of the boat, and the carpet.


3. See if the Wires are Working

It is easy to fix a burned out bulb. On the other hand, peeled up labels or melted wire insulations are sign of engine overheating. That means trouble.


4. Check the Power-Steering Belts

The alternator or power-steering belt should be replaced every 100 hours. A dilapidated belt means that the boat was taken good care of.


5. Start the Engine and Test the Oil

Old gas or excessive oil can be fixed during a tune up. However, if the engine starts roughly, smokes, or makes too much noise, these might be signs of bigger problems that require expensive engine overhaul.

Meanwhile, check whether the oil is gritty and if it of metal fillings. This is an indication of serious engine wear. If that is the case, better look for a better second-hand boat.

There actually a lot of things to consider if you opt for a second-hand. Nevertheless, an initial walk around to inspect the machine and other features of the vessel could go a long way. In case you are not sure what to look for when buying a boat, do not hesitate to ask a expert.


It All Depends on You


Whether you opt to buy a new or used boat depends on you.

The kind of boat you will buy will be based on your taste, your budget, and mechanical know-how. There is no right or wrong answer. Just keep in mind that buying a used boat is like buying a second-hand car.

It lowers the amount of money that you need to shell out, but it increases the variables. Thus, it is always best to do your research first.

So, are you ready to buy a boat of your own?